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Take your social media marketing journey to the next level

  • 8 Weeks Comprehensive Course
  • Practical Oriented 
  • Strategy, Execution & Tools
  • Ready to use Frameworks & Templates
  • Proven Methods
  • With trainers from the industry
  • Case Studies of different industries


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Here is what you would learn in this course!



  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Social & Content Strategy
  • Media Planning


  • Content Creation
  • Paid Advertising
  • Community Management


  • Influencer Marketing 
  • Lead Generation
  • Reputation Management

Learn Social Media Marketing to grow your Business

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Course Modules

Module 1 - Introduction to Digital MMedia Landscape

  • Simplifying Digital Marketing
  • Understanding Social Media Landscape & Why Social Media
  • Current Scenario of Social Media & How Brands Should Approach Social

Module 2 - Understanding Consumer Journey & Deep Dive into Media Space

  • Typical Buying Journey
  • Simplified Consumer Journey with Social Media
  • Media Landscape
  • Introduction to Social Media Channels
  • Understanding Sales Funnels & How to use them

Module 3 - Social Media Strategy for Success

  • Goals, Objectives & KPIs
  • Understanding your Audience Better, Working on Target Personas
  • Working on your Content Strategy
  • Tapping into Trends & Competitor Benchmarking
  • Using 7 Step Strategy Framework
  • Amazing Tools & Hacks to Make it work for you

Module 4 - Deep Dive into Effective Content Creation

  • Creating Content Calendars
  • Effective Copywriting by anyone
  • Types of Content that work on Social Media
  • Using tools to make your life easier
  • Outsourcing content Effectively

Module 5 - Social Media For Reach, Likes & Shares

  • Paid Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Organic Ways
  • Growth hacks to go beyond Social Media Limitations

Module 6 - Social Media For Growth

  • Facebook Advertising Tools (Leads, Conversions)
  • Other Ad Platforms (Snapchat & LinkedIn)
  • Connecting Social Media with CRM & Automation Tools

Module 7 - Community Management & Online Reputation

  • Process of Community Management
  • Social Media Listening & Reporting
  • Online Reputation Management

Module 8 - Putting it All Together

  • Mastering the art of advertising using social media
  • Managing Everything Under One Dashboard
  • Creating Reports that can help you track everything properly

Meet your trainer :) 

I am a digital marketing professional with 13+ years of work in the industry. I have trained over 500 students & worked with 100+ brands. I will be your trainer, insutructor & coach during this program to help you build a solid understanding of Social Media Marketing & give you the right tools and strategies to grow a business. 

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